Comprehensive Support Program

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Comprehensive Support Program takes a comprehensive approach towards the development of selected local schools and communities. Our ultimate aim is to nurture Chinese students to be educated citizens capable of independent thinking, and to bring the joy of education to the local community, thereby changing it over the longer term.   

Since the beginning of 2010, OCEF has initiated strategic restructure of the funding programs, moving from direct financial assistance to a more comprehensive support system that aims at improving the quality of education in rural China. It provides infrastructure improvements, teacher training, student financial aid, scholarships, libraries and health care to qualified rural schools. Comprehensive Support Program is tailored towards the needs of the local school and will have more profound and positive impacts on both the accessibility and quality of local education in the long term.

The Bricks of Joy project is the first phase of a Comprehensive Support Program to improve such situations. The program focuses on the infrastructure improvements to provide a solid foundation for future facilities to build on. It serves as the foundation to improve the quality of education in remote areas.

Zhijin Comprehensive Support Program, Guizhou, China (Part I)

Zhijin Comprehensive Support Program, Guizhou, China (Part II)

Guangling Comprehensive Support Program, Shanxi, China

(Dr. De Qing Zhao, A Woman Changing the Community)


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